Data Packages

Download the full data package list with descriptions, fill rates, and schemas by clicking here.

Customer Profile Reports

These characteristics include:

Consumer Demographics

These attributes are derived from our consumer demographic database and are attributes of the individual classified as the head of the household. These include characteristics such as gender, household income, households with children present, marital status, length of residence, home ownership, mail-responsive buyer, and more.

Property Characteristics

These are attributes derived from our national property and parcel database. These include attributes such as owner information, tax-assessed information, year built, lot size, home area, number of bedrooms, roof material type where available, and other home attributes

Consumer Segmentation

This is a classification system of the entire universe of consumers, by household, based on lifestyle, generation, socioeconomic status, geographic location, behaviors, culture, and interests. Segmenting households into different groupings allows for more effective sales & marketing efforts. Not all consumers make purchasing decisions the same or consume media the same way. BIGDBM’s segmentation system helps target the right people with the right messaging about your products. This will increase the success of your marketing campaigns.

Bubbles Cluster Codes

Download the Bubbles list and methodology by clicking here.

The Bubbles Cluster Codes enable you to quickly understand your customers, prospects, their behaviors, and markets. Using Bubbles, you can easily identify the segments where you:

Have the highest and lowest penetration of customers

Make the most and least revenue and profit

Achieve the highest response rates

Perform the best or worst for a variety of metrics

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