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Active Emails
with postal address verification
attached to postal addresses
Daily IAB Records
13,500 daily IAB Categories per day

BIGDBM maintains high standards concerning Privacy and Security. Please see our Privacy Page for more details. Our validated Identity Resolution Graph create a complete and accurate profile for each record. BIGDBM applies a proprietary algorithm that calculates the Confidence Index of each record.
Daily, our Online Data assets are scored with Recency, Frequency, Intensity and Strength.

Data Market

Our self-service Data Market tool puts BIGDBM data in your hands. Upload your CRM files to match to the millions of records in our Universal Data Warehouse. Validate, append missing data elements and market smarter. Data Market lets you get the data you need and get back to business. Rest assured, we’ve got your privacy and security covered.

Identity resolution

With over 1 billion online and offline user identifiers, we provide a fully verifiable ID graph to reach consumes on both a deterministic one-to-one level, as well as household.

Behavioral Insights & Analytics

Put our behavioral insights to work for your CRM: we examine online, offline, transactional and geolocation behavioral data alongside real-time online feeds to provide actionable CRM insights and intelligence. Supercharge your customer segmentation and knowledge to generate highly effective cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Online/Offline Intender

In-Market marries online intender activity with offline data to create a comprehensive buyer profile for omnichannel targeting. Fueled by real-time online insights mapped to offline, real-world data, our In-Market data is the fastest way to make a direct customer connection.

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