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BIGDBM is far more than your typical data provider. Our datasets are multi-sourced from the best sources in the market, but they are also built using unrivaled data science and engineering capabilities. The end result equals comprehensive and accurate data with the highest ROI on the market.

Since our start in 2016, we have focused on building market-leading data products for the US market to empower our customers to reach audiences, build sales channels, and accurately identify and segment the US consumer population. We’re not alone in this space but we’ve tailored our approach to be a differentiated data provider by focusing on data science and engineering from the beginning before it was table stakes. This has allowed us to perform highly accurate identity graph building using optimized entity resolution strategies, automated data quality checks, and data aggregation at a “big data” scale for the last 7+ years. This level of experience means we deliver data that stacks up against the best of the best in the market, oftentimes leading the pack.

On top of that, our founding employees brought extensive relationships in the data market which culminated in our ecosystem of data sources which gives us an edge over our competitors by way of breadth of coverage and quality. Having a multi-source foundation gives us data point-level corroboration and contestation which is processed using our algorithms to score our data using confidence levels, recency, frequency, intensity, and strength. Our customers greatly benefit from our scores as it leads to higher activation and performance rates in their workflows and use cases, increasing the ROI of our data.

Our differentiating factors are evident in our data products but what is not always evident is the great value proposition based on the cost. We are highly aware of the data landscape and the needs of our customers which are often limited by approved data purchasing budgets. We know they strive to consume datasets that allow them to provide fantastic products and services to their end customers at the best price. This is exactly our philosophy as well: not only is our coverage and quality market-leading but we are more often than not the most competitively priced provider that you will find in the market. Our engineering efficiencies, deep domain expertise, and competitive pricing philosophy have enabled us to build valuable partnerships with our customers, many that have been with us since our inception.

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